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Polynesian Tiki Paradise
Catering – Special Events

516 Grant Street, Dunedin
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Pupu Platter

(2 ea) bulgogi beef skewer, bbq pork rib, pork egg roll, veggie spring roll


soy sautéed Spam, sushi rice, seaweed (GF)

Ahi Poke’

marinated saku tuna, green onion, black sesame seeds on sushi rice (GF)

Pork Sliders

(3) kalua pork & pineapple on housemade mini brioche rolls

Menehune Meatballs

bowl of 15 mini beef meatballs in our signature steak sauce

Veggie Spring Rolls

with spicy agave sauce (V)

Pork Egg Rolls

with agave mustard


House veggies, cheddar cheese, salsa, spicy pepper pico, guacamole & cilantro lime sauce
Choose one: grilled or huli huli chicken, agave or kalua pork (can be made Vegan)
Add: Shrimp, Hawaiian Fish or Ahi Poke $MKT

Chips & Guacamole

corn tortilla chips V (GF)

Tiki Trio

corn tortilla chips, original, mango, pineapple salsas & guacamole V (GF)

Coconut Lime Soup

 lemongrass, coconut milk, shiitake mushrooms & sushi rice V (GF)

Tacos & Sandwiches

DOS TACOS (from our food truck daze)
Choice of 2 soft flour or hard shell, gluten free corn tortillas
Greens, feta cheese, original salsa, spicy pepper pico, cilantro lime sauce
Choose one: grilled or huli chicken, agave or kalua pork or veggies
Shrimp, Hawaiian fish, or Ahi Poke

Vegan Tacos Greens, veggies, original salsa, spicy pepper pico, red pepper cream sauce V

 Paniolo Burger
5 oz. beef burger, cheddar & horsey sauce on a housemade brioche bun – choose a side

Huli Huli Sandwich
Hawaiian BBQ shredded chicken & red onion on a housemade brioche bun – choose a side

slaw of the day, potato mac salad, sweet potato fries, hand-cut fries or mac & cheese
Or sub Black Rice

Add to any Taco or Sandwich
slaw of the day, mango salsa, pineapple habanero salsa, guacamole or sour cream
Egg, Jalapeno, Applewood Bacon, Grilled Pineapple

Salads (GF) 

House Honu Hatchling

Spring mix,tomato, red onion, cucumber,
Add a protein

BIG Island (can be made Vegan)

Spring mix,applewood bacon, chicken, pineapple, tomato, toasted macadamia nuts

Protein choices

Grilled chicken or Huli Huli chicken
Agave pork or Kalua pork
House veggies


Hawaiian Fish
Ahi Poke

Housemade Dressings

ginger pineapple V blueberry orange vinaigrette V agave mustard, cilantro lime
extra 2 oz. dressing

Honu Ono Grindz

Kilauea Spinach, black rice, char siu pork, red pepper, carrot & sesame seeds (GF)
Add: Pele Sauce our own hot sauce – char siu sauce with ghost peppers

Fire Dancing Plate Sautéed sweet & spicy citrus chicken & shrimp on sushi rice with Pineapple & red bell pepper, topped with fresh jalapeno & red onion (GF)

Island Favorites 

Mixed Plate Huli Huli chicken, kalua pork, sushi rice, potato mac salad

The STACK Sushi rice, choice of protein, slaw of the day, micro greens & green onion
Choose one: grilled or huli huli chicken, agave or kalua pork, veggies
Or make it a Seafood STACK
Choose one: Shrimp, Hawaiian fish or Ahi poke
Try something new and upgrade sushi rice to the forbidden black rice on any dish

Chimichurri Chicken Fresh herbs, garlic, zucchini, lemon, sushi rice with side salad (GF)

Humuhumunukunukuapua` Hawaiian Fish of the Day on black rice with side salad

Coconut Green Curry Pea pods, avocado, sushi rice & green onion with side salad V (GF)
Add a protein: chicken, shrimp

Ask your server to see our dessert and after dinner drink menu
V = VEGAN (GF) = Gluten Free

Mahalo for your patience, kindness and your support – always!

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